Audit: Information for Agencies

Audit’s goals are to conduct independent audits and other reviews of District government programs and operations to ensure they operate economically, efficiently, and effectively.

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Inspections and Evaluations (I&E): Information for Agencies

I&E’s goals are to: help District agencies comply with applicable laws, regulations, and policies; and promote continuous improvement in the delivery of services to D.C. residents, and others, who have a vested interest in the city’s success.

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Green Book

Internal control helps an entity run its operations efficiently and effectively, report reliable information about its operations, and comply with applicable laws and regulations. Standards for Internal Control in the Federal Government, known as the "Green Book," sets the standards for an effective internal control system for federal agencies.

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Yellow Book

The Yellow Book is used by auditors of government entities, entities that receive government awards, and other audit organizations performing Yellow Book audits. It outlines the requirements for audit reports, professional qualifications for auditors, and audit organization quality control. Auditors of federal, state, and local government programs use these standards to perform their audits and produce their reports.

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Director's Handbook