The Office of the General Counsel (OGC) ensures all activities undertaken by the OIG comport with laws, rules, regulations, and policies. Further, OGC provides in-house legal services by ensuring OIG operations, activities, and communications conform to applicable legal requirements; rendering forthright and objective legal advice to protect the OIG against legal liability; and advocating the OIG’s legal position in disputes.

General Counsel Leadership


Karen Branson



Karen Branson, General Counsel

Ms. Karen Branson joined the OIG in 1999 Ms. Branson, prior to joining OIG had experience with WMATA, DOJ, and clerking for the D.C. Court of Appeals.





Keith VanCroft, Deputy General Counsel

Mr. VanCroft joined OIG in 2004 Prior to employment with OIG, Mr. VanCroft was in private practice for five years and spent three years at DCHA as litigation counsel and Housing Choice Voucher Program attorney.