Evaluation of Selected Contracts

The objectives of this type of evaluation are to: (1) review executed District government contracts for vulnerabilities to corruption, fraud, mismanagement, waste, and abuse; and (2) assess whether parties to the contract have effectively operationalized key contract terms and conditions to ensure that the District is receiving maximum benefits and expected goods and services

Evaluation of the Family Rehousing and Stabilization Program (FRSP)/Rapid Rehousing Program (RRP)

The objectives of this engagement are to evaluate whether: (1) the Department of Human Services (DHS) is adequately managing the FRSP and RRP programs; and (2) determine if RRP is meeting the goal of providing stability so participants can transition to their own housing after leaving the program.

Audit of the District of Columbia’s Commercial Real Estate Assessment Process

 The objectives of this engagement are to evaluate the: (1) commercial real property assessment process; (2) organizational structure, workload statistics, performance measures, compensation requirements, staffing levels, training, qualifications, and staff development functions of the Commercial Real Property Assessment staff; and (3) hiring practices, including whether OCFO’s